Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell - Man of the Hour

I am stunned, I am shocked, that some would suggest Powell's endorsement of Obama to be racist. OMG, and I mean that; I believe in God, and I can only pray that minds so sick, souls so corrupt with prejudice and hatred, might experience some grace and find their way through to the sunny side of the street.

Powell is a leader, a military man, and he got there like any of us do - by the help of others. Is anyone on top of the heap by solitary effort? Never.

But to suggest that Powell's achievements are anything less than his, and his decision to back Obama nothing more than racist is the lowest of the low.

Our nation has to deal with this demon lucking in our souls. This is a remarkable moment for us to cast it out, but for some, I'm afraid, it's a moment to nourish the demon and give it greater life.

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