Monday, January 19, 2009

Bush Is History, But ...

Sure, Bush is gone, or at least will be gone by tomorrow, at noon, but his rotten legacy will poison the land for years to come, and for years to come, we'll be cleaning up the mess and paying the bills.

For a painful review of the worst presidency in our history, check out one of our finest journalists: Keith Olbermann - click HERE.

As much as I'm eager to get on with the future, the crimes of the Bush Administration have to be brought to light - so that we can see how close we came to national suicide under the watch of fascists and see to it that it never happens again.

Thank God we are soon to close the book on the most tragic presidency ever, but to let it go without comment, without scrutiny, would only add to the enormity of the crimes committed.

Revenge? There can be none.

But let's ferret out the truth, let's shed the shadows that have hung over the land for so many years, so that we can rebuild our nation, from the inside out.

A huge task, more than Mr. Obama can accomplish in 8 years - but let's make a good start, and one of the starting places is telling the truth!

P.S. Martin Marty offers the following reflection on the kind of people we want to be - excellent piece: click HERE.

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