Sunday, January 11, 2009


The effort to rewrite Bush's history is nothing less than silly.

I have no doubt that he's a decent man (some doubt about that), but he's been a pawn in the hands of the Neo-Cons.

I feel sorry for him; I really do.

And for his Dad. Hey, I'm a Dad, too. We love our sons, and we want the world to love them, too.

But Bush is the one of the worst, if not the worst, President we've ever had. He had no vision, no purpose. He stepped into the office without depth or purpose. History will have the last word, and the last word will not be kind.

So it goes ... only a few more days before Bush heads into retirement ... maybe he will write, some day, a book like McNamara - a book that says, "I'm sorry!"

I think Bush is a decent man (I hope!), but a man manipulated by the Neo-Cons.

I can't wait until he's sent on his way!

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  1. I agree Tom. I think that he is probably a nice guy which is what got him into office. I don't think he is overly bright. I look forward to wearing my Obama 1/20/09inauguration t-shirt. -Penny