Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farewell to a Lot of Bad Policy

For eight years, I watched Bush bumble his way through the world, making a mess of things, all the while talking tough, like a schoolyard bully, the Texas version.

I knew in my bones that it was all wrong, but it was hard to say so in the rush to judgment after 911 - Bush could hardly wait to flex his muscle and finish the war his daddy so wisely ended. He and his gang played the patriotism card so finely, there was no way to stand up and protest. The prosperous wealthy linked arms with Neo-Con values and drove the ship of state on to the rocks!

Now, tonight, we'll watch this sad little man try to put a positive spin on a failed presidency. I feel sorry for him. He got in way over his head and became the pawn of the Neo-Cons, evil women and men who are Fascist to the core.

Britain's out-going Foreign Minister, David Miliband, levels a withering critique at Bush's "war on terror" - branding the outgoing President's War on Terror a "misleading and mistaken" doctrine that had united extremists against the West.

I suspect most the world agrees.

How could Bush and Gang have been so mistaken?

What ideology drove them to ignore history, disregard the advice of allies, and commit American troops to folly, now costing nearly a trillion dollars (underwritten by China and Japan) and too many American soldiers, killed, wounded and maimed.

Bush has deconstructed environmental safeguards, financial regulation and the social safety-net, foolishly siding with the pro-lie camps on abortion, homosexuality, and creationism. A few more years, and we'd be back in the stone age.

I'll say it again: I feel sorry for the man, but he had his chances. He turned a deaf ear to the broad traditions of our nation - Bush was un-American, and the whole Neo-Con tribe behind him - guilty of subverting the American character.

Jail-time for them? To what end? Perhaps for a few who so egregiously violated the law with regard to torture and whatever lies were told to lead this nation into chaos.

But history will be their punishment!

P.S. Check out Jon Stewart's video.


  1. I think you'd like one of the recent articles from religious dispatches. It talks about how the most important thing to ending the "War or Terror" is to quit calling it the war on terror.

  2. Absolutely ... Bush and his Neo-Con goons were able to coin titles for their nefarious work - fascists, all of them. In both Germany and Italy, the fascists were able to turn language upside down and manipulate "patriotic" instincts to their own advantage. Hitler's invasion of Poland was "defensive."

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