Monday, February 23, 2009

Thaddeus McCotter - Tap Dancer Extraordinaire

I love tap dancing.

Though some have suggested that it's a dying art-form, it's suddenly reappeared among Republicans who voted against the stimulus and are now trying to explain that to their constituents, even as they scramble to get a slice of the Obama pie.

Tap dancing all the way.

I sure wouldn't want to be a loyal Republican right now. They've committed themselves to an ideological policy without heart - though heartlessness has frequently been their hallmark for the last 40 years.

For McCotter, and the district in which I lived from 1990 to 2006, Livonia, a conservative bastion now teetering on the brink of collapse, as is much of Michigan - interesting to see how depleted pocketbooks suddenly make Uncle Sam a friend.

Shame on McCotter and Pete Hoekstra, his partner in crime across the state - hypocrites one and all.

And glorious tap dancers.

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