Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sarah Palin and Oprah

Now on Oprah ...

Good grief ... the Palin PR machine hard at work.

Reminds me of the balloon boy ... a balloon floating high in the air, but no cargo!

Wonder how long she can keep it afloat ... until we're all clear that it's just a giant political hoax.

But then there's a lot of hot air money out there - a whacko-capitalist-Jesus-in-your-face-Blackwater-let's-have-a-little-war kind of money, the result of Reagan tax cuts and tons of money borrowed from China to keep the balloon inflated and a stock market skewed to feed the greed of the few at the expense of the many.

Palin will continue to draw two kinds of folks: flat-out crazies who love to shoot wolves and other living things and the powerful elite who see her as a tool to further their cause of power for the powerful and wealth for the wealthy.

Does she have a clue that she's being used?

Or is her ego so bloated as to miss the reality?

Whatever ... sad, sadder, saddest.

Ohhh, what's that hissing sound?

Is the balloon leaking?

BTW, Palin has been invited to College of the Ozarks ... a fine school with a fine heritage ... but why Palin?

Check out my note to the school, and if you agree, send your own note.

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