Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Private Insurer Has to Go!

As long as private insurers have their hand on health care, costs will continue to skyrocket and quality of care decline. Fascinating to listen to Republicans twist and turn reality to keep the status quo; even more fascinating to wonder if they care about the 40 millions uninsured, and the millions more who are uninsured. Check out Matthew 20:1-16 for a parable featuring job creation and social mercy as an illustration of the kingdom of heaven. The landowner was willing to have a little less so that some could have a little more. Further, check out: 2 Corinthians 8:15. Have to wonder, too, just how many "christians" give a fig for what Scripture says.

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  1. A good post, but it is aimed at the wrong target. The insurance industry has one of the lowest profit margins of any major business in the US. It is the doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical manufacturers who need to be willing to take a lot less so that others mazy have more.

    But the AMA has done a great job of misdirecting liberal angst against the insurance industry so as to hide the fact that their monopoly (via controlled admissions to med school) is the real cause of the health care crisis.