Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where Are the Republicans?

Throughout the last 100 years of American Progress, whenever the President has signed a major piece of legislation, both parties were likely to show up and pass around the grins.

But not today.

Nary a GOP face to be seen.

As far as I'm concerned, the GOP has lost it. They have sunk into some very deep dark hole, and for reasons known only to hell itself, they're tapping into America's latent evil - our racism, sexism, our love of war, our disdain for the poor and our worship of wealth.

Writing as a Christian, all of this bitter raging is diametrically opposed to everything I understand the gospel to represent, everything for which Jesus died - his every hope and every dream for the kingdom of God - for the blind and the lame and the deaf; for the poor and the oppressed; for the lonely and fallen.

The recent cursing and the spitting, the racial slurs and sexist jokes are a dark stain on our national character - these folks have neither passion nor vision, intellect or faith - they're low-level human beings crawling around in the dumpsters of the soul.

In this day and age, if America wants to be great, as it could be, as it should be, The People will have rise up and speak to these low-lifers and show them the way - a better way to do our politics and a better way to care for one another.

Boehner is a crippled human being, and so is Cantor, and the pitiful politician from Texas who shouted out "Baby Killer" should resign in shame and go back to his cattle ranch and oil wells, or his used car lot, or the back-room pawn shop, or wherever he came from.

That anyone should see value in their bitter and self-righteous behavior is beyond the grasp of my mind.

Perhaps I'm the stupid one. Perhaps I'm missing something vital, something I've overlooked.

But as it now stands, these men are far from the ideal of our greatest leaders. Their rhetoric is inflammatory for weak souls, their perspective is selfish and overbearing, there vision for this nation is nil. I hope their voters turn them out of office quickly - they are a blight on this land. In reality, they are no longer Republicans. I don't know what they are, but the Grand Old Party has devolved into something petty and vicious - not even a shadow of its former greatness as one of the two great parties in our amazing system of democracy.

America, wake up and smell the coffee - we can do better. We must do better. We will do better!


  1. Based on the recent practice of Czarina Nancy and Harry Reid, I would not be surprised to hear that the White House did not extend an invitation. They Republicans were not consulted on the substantive portions of the bill; they stood firm against every unconstitutional part of it. Don't expect them to be "passing around the grins" for this abominable piece of "legislation."

    But not to worry. The people will rise up--in November.

  2. I'll have to do my homework to see how the Republicans responded when Medicare was passed. Did they spit, and call names then? Was Social Security something Republicans shared grins about? I don't know...someone can enlighten me. Seems major change such as the recent Health Care issue rarely comes with ease. Yet, years from now we will wonder what all the insidious mud-slinging was all about. Democrats may well be voted out come November...that's just the way Americans seem to do things of late. We like to blame. But we've seen where Republicans led us...war, bigger government (development of Homeland Security), and increased debt. I'll stand with the beginning of a new system for Health Care....because in the end it is not about politics it is about people.