Monday, April 19, 2010

15th Anniversary of the OKC Bombing

April 19, 1995, 168 people died because Timothy McVeigh decided to exact vengeance on our Federal Government for the Waco Siege which ended in the death of 76 people two years earlier.

Filled with irrational ideas, McVeigh declared war on America.

As bizarre as this sounds, it's what the Confederate States were all about, and these days, the t-bags and all such related anti-government ideas. If Communism ever posed a threat to this nation, and it never did, being used only as a ploy by McCarthy to gain influence, the t-bags are a threat, especially as they are backed by the well-healed, none of whom love this nation, but all of whom love the almighty dollar.

America, a land of incredible freedom, has always had its share of nut cases. That we should have room for them is our glory as the "land of the free."

Yet what sadness they have wrought, especially when used and encouraged by fascist, if not anarchist, interests. Oonce again, their influence is being felt, fueled by a media fascinated with them and welcomed by an indiscriminate public often unable to tell the difference between fact and fiction. All of this cheered on by cheap politicians and cheaper-still pundits out for a quick buck on their latest ghost-written book. And in the background, the powerful who who expect to profit from a weakened Federal Government.

There is nothing proud about the t-bags, and nothing American about them.

They are a threat to our national security and a poison in our soul

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