Saturday, March 19, 2011

From Wall Street to Teachers - the Old GOP Switcheroo ...

From a very good friend, pastor and scholar and all-around thoughtful guy, the Rev. Dr. Bob Dahl.

My new bumper sticker would read:  I follow Jesus, Weiner and Kucinich.

On a more serious note, how did the GOP manage to switch the focus of our economic woes from Wall Street, multinational corporations and the super rich to public employees, public radio and public TV? Let's blame it all on school teachers, fire fighters, police officers, librarians, the people who keep the snow off the roads after a storm and Diane Rehm.  Yes, Diane Rehm. I knew that scratchy voice from a serious vocal disorder would ruin the economy.

Are there incompetent school teachers?  Duh?  Should attempts be made to improve our public schools?  Duh, again.  But do they and their collective bargaining union deserve the derision they are getting from GOP governors throughout the land?  

Think scapegoat.  Attack the ones who don't have much power.   Fool the American people by asserting that balancing the budgets rests on the back the public, the poor, the middle class as it slides, ever increasingly into poverty, the kids, the veterans who come home with broken bodies and spirits.  Pick on anybody but the rich who pay for the politicians' campaign largess.    

This would all be laughable if it weren't so scary.  This fragile experiment we call the United States of America, a representative democracy, is moving rapidly toward a plutocracy and oligarchy.

Bring back Marie Antoinette and let the rest eat cake. 

I hope there will be a groundswell of protest from the very public being attacked to help restore sanity and safeguard our precious experiment in governance.  


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