Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bottom-Line Issues: LGBTQ

There are some bottom-line issues ... I keep thinking, what would folks say if NC had passed a law forbidding inter-racial marriage, as it was just a few decades ago? NC accepted inter-racial marriage only in 1971. I don't want any of my conservative FB friends to defriend me, but I want them to seriously consider just how important this issue is, and though they may be tempted to quote the Bible at me, all I can say is this: I, too, know the Bible, and I know it very well. How it's been read over the centuries, how it's been interpreted, and what it might mean for today. Open doors, open minds, open hearts - to LGBTQ persons is what love is all about; the kind of love Jesus revealed to the world, the kind of love that gave him the courage to take up the cross, the kind of love that rolled away the stone.

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  1. Nice words about Jesus' inclusive, eternal love.

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