Saturday, December 29, 2012

Throw Out ALL Politicians in 2014???

A friend of mine suggested that in 2014 we throw out ALL our politicians, but in reality, we need to throw out only half, and elect politicians sympathetic to the vision of those remaining.

Our current gridlock is the result of a divided nation; we've sent to Washington a House Divided, so to speak.

What vision do we have for our nation?

I won't expound on the two visions, and their variants, competing for the soul of our nation; I've done that plenty enough in this and my other blogs and via Twitter and Facebook.

Yet, it would seem that in the most recent Presidential election, America chose one of those visions over the other. Some say it was a close election, though not as close as others in our recent past. But it does reveal a nation divided.

So, we don't need to throw out ALL our politicians, but rather make a choice as an electorate: What vision do we have for our nation? What will see our nation through the immediate challenge of the next 10 years, and what will build our nation for the next 50 years, the next 100 years?

The choice belongs to the American Electorate.

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