Friday, April 1, 2016

I'm Tired of the Political Season

I'm tired of the political season.
I'm tired of all the claims and counter-claims.
The name-calling.
I'm tired of penis stuff and wife-denigration.
I'm tired of conservative sex-fixation.
I'm tired of the religious right oh so wrong.
I'm tired of liberals getting hoity-toity with one another.
About Bernie this and Hillary that.
And Sarah Palin and Susan Sarandon.
But, I'm even more tired of racism and gun-madness.
I'm even more tired of America's endless wars.
I'm even more tired of our income inequality and the roll-back of voting rights ... the right-to-work nonsense ...
I'm tired of hungry children.
Families denied health care.
Education deconstructed.
Infrastructure going to pot.
And because I'm evermore tired of this, I'm willing to put up with the rest.
God save the Queen ... or whatever.

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