Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Why the Mess?

Why the mess?
Well, for one, a President who is a congenital liar, a man of greed, filled with lust and plagued by a variety of neuroses.
A VP who is a misogynist, a homophobe, a wayward Roman Catholic caught up in evangelical moralism and self-righteousness.
An Attorney General who is a thoroughgoing racist, guided by traditional Southern Ideas, like nullifications, states' rights, and Make America White Again (he'd never admit it, but no need for admission; it's evident in his track record and in his recent efforts to roll back human rights as they pertain to people of color).
A Congress full of rightwing folks bred on several generations of hatred for FDR, and all things governmental, except, of course, when government's big hand passes homophobic laws, restricts women's healthcare, and suppresses voting rights.
Judges who style themselves as "originalists," which amounts to nothing more than saying, "My way is the holy and righteous way; your way sucks."
An Education Secretary who despises public education and wants to privatize the whole enterprise for personal gain.
An Interior Secretary who wants to sell his Grandmother and our National Parks to the highest bidder.
An Energy Secretary who has crude oil in his veins and the smell of money in his nostrils ... and a might small brain on top of it all, who now wears dark-framed glasses, trying to appear intelligent, which never quite seems to work, because he isn't.
A Secretary of State, who may have a brain, but lacks political acumen, and is, rather, guided by corporate interests for profit and, thus, determined to lift sanctions against Russia so that drilling for oil can proceed. 
Need I go on?
We have at the helm of our nation a menagerie of fools, charlatans, crooks and religious zealots. 
Is it any wonder that war and rumors of war abound? That turmoil and tribulation beset the very core of our government? That controversy swirls like an Oklahoma tornado puling everything apart? That corruption is found at every turn of the day? All dressed up in the cloying sweetness of bible-quoting pronouncements, "I'm blessed" prayers and je-e-sus for Amerika?

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