Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday, 2008

McCain is scarier than ever - he's selling his soul to the neo-cons and theo-cons to win their votes and create a place for himself in history. His recent tour of Iraq was the most pretentious thing I've witnessed - pretending to be Bush! A tank-riding Dukakis moment if there's ever been one!

As for Hillary and O'Bama, has their talk calmed down a bit?

Attacking each other as they've been doing will only harm either of their chances to win in November.

What a dilemma.

And now that a revote in Michigan seems unlikely, and who knows what will happen with Florida, the Dems have got to get their house in order.

I oscillate between Hillary and O'Bama ... time will tell - we've got to stop the bleeding of the American military in Iraq, we have to find ways to re-center our market economy with a firm moral partnership with government in order to sustain and enlarge the middle class, universal health care is the only option, and we still have to clean our own house on race, gender and sexual orientation.

And for folks like Rush Limbaugh, James Dobson and Pat Robertson - tell 'em to take a hike to the far side of the moon.

They fail on the side of love - they play upon our fears and heighten our anxiety, adding further fuel to the anger gripping our society.

We can do better; we must do better. It's time to rebuild America and find our soul again.