Saturday, August 30, 2008

Awesome ...

On vacation ... so this will be brief.

Thought Bill's speech knocked it outta the park for bringing the party together ... Kerry was Kerry, but better than usual; appreciated the way he went after McCain ... and then Obama ... what can I say?

Brilliant, incisive, forceful - on the attack without being vicious or mean-spirited.

This is a man who can lead, command and guide.

We hear too much about experience ... we've had many a fine President with limited experience ... after all, what can prepare anyone for the office of the Presidency?

It's not about experience, but character and intelligence, both of which Obama possesses in unusual amounts.

Now that the DNC is closed, let's see what the Repubs can offer. We have a hint: with Palin, it's all about pandering to who knows what interests. Palin is a gun-totin', creationist, right-wing shoot-'em-dead, drill-drill-drill small-town Alaskan mayor - to what interest group is McCain appealing? Will Hillary supporters be impressed?

Oh well ... all they can promise is four more years of the last eight.

Obama and Obiden ... all the way.

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