Monday, March 26, 2012

Evangelical Silence for Trevon Martin

Evangelicals are reluctant to see the larger picture, the sorrow of the African-American experience ever since Emancipation. The death of a Black Man has meant very little to American justice system. But if a white woman alleged a crime against her by a black man, "southern" justice would go in to high gear, and side-bar justice, too. 

To try to look at the Martin case as if it were a stand-alone case denies the obvious - that African Americans have lived with serial injustice all these decades. Whatever the details might be, the devil is in the details, the Devil of Corporate Silence, the Devil of Permissible Violence against African Americans, especially young men. 

Since the Evangelical World in America is largely driven by Southern sensibilities, it's not surprising that the evangelical speaks out on abortion, gay-rights and socialism, but chooses to be silent on the continuing injustice of racism. 

I hope and pray that the African American Evangelical Church will finally see that White Evangelicals are hardly friends at all when it comes to the real issues of life in America. That White Evangelicals are glad to have an African American pastor stand with them on some platform with Franklin Graham and Rick Warren, as long as as the African American pastor utters only pious platitudes about Jesus and how the African American Community would do better if only they tried harder ... and all the Whites nod their heads and knowingly smile.

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  1. Nice. Keep on dividing people. It's exactly what we need.