Friday, November 2, 2012

Vote for Romney/Ryan!

If you've hitched your wagon to the 1%, then vote for Romney/Ryan.

If you believe that men like Karl Rove, Donald Trump, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Sheldon Adelson have your best interests at heart, and that of the nation as a whole, then go ahead, vote Romney/Ryan.

If you believe that the economic policies of the Far Right, the T-Bags, George W. Bush and the whole union-busting, hate-the-evil-Empire policies of Reagan are the right course for America, then, yes, vote Romney/Ryan.

If you believe that Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin articulate a coherent message of hope for the nation, and for women and children, and set a worthy example for your daughters, then go ahead and vote for Romney/Ryan.

They will deliver on their promises!

They will destroy affordable healthcare for Americans ... they will further erode public education ... destroy unions and end collective bargaining ... roll back minimum wage, privatize Social Security; severely limit Medicare and all other safety-net policies; unfetter big biz from regulation and encourage Wall Street to run wild ... end all efforts at marriage equality; remove the rights of women in healthcare, compel birth - regardless of its origin; the military will be ramped up and more wars will be fought ... with no one to monitor our food supplies and the water we drink and the air we breath ... drilling and mining will pillage the environment without heed ... because God watches over us and prevents global warming.

If you think the 1% are wealthy now, just wait!

If you believe the 1% care about you, and your future is connected to theirs, then vote for Romney/Ryan.


  1. Wonderfully exact or exactly wonderful. Once again, you have nailed it.

  2. Perfect. Thankfully we don't need to worry about it. Phew.

  3. Ya' got that right ... when I heard the news of Obama's re-election, a great cloud was lifted from my soul.